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We're Not Just an Advertising Network. We're a Team
Creating the accurate platform for your brand!

The individuals that make up our team directly impact the success of our clients. We're made up of experienced marketers, advertisers, developers, designers, and more, who are all aiming for one thing: To meet our clients' online advertising goals.

We aim to create a bigger market for our clients by making them visible and noticed at the right media platforms.

We bring out the nuances and sensitivity of the media delivery in making the message compelling to the desired target audience.

  • Creativity
  • Passion
  • Adaptability
  • Customer Retention


Our team is passionate about digging in and revealing the key nuggets that humanize a brand and tell its story.
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Manish Mahariya

Managing Director
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C.P Methani

Managing Director
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Harsh Vardhan

Channel Partner (Udaipur)



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